Here is the magical terminology that is non-canon to the Little Witch Academia series.


The Arcana is the modern, fantasy-derived synonym of weapon. Any weapon is included to have their own thematic and shape. As for the sorcerers, they have to create their own Arcana by using the chosen element, an item that relates to them, and an original, everyday weapon. Any sorcerer has to be cautious of the materials they use to combine into a fine Arcana. Failing to do so properly may cause high chances of malfunction. Magical materials could be moderately rare to make a newly-made Arcana, so they should be prepared to determine the materials' rarity and environments, depending on seasons and restrictions. Every magicker's Arcana takes form into their own unique wands. They could also revert back their Arcana to their small Charms, if their weapons have not yet been used or are done being used.


A Creeper is an evil entity that dwells invisibly outside of the real world, harvesting the natural environment and pops out randomly. If it fully interest itself to consume human resources for natural evil senses in the deepest suffering inside the depths of hell, it would create its own Labyrinth.


The Drive is the principal item that gives witches and wizards magical armors for combat and magic. For the sorcery terminology, magickers call them Charms. They have to bound the Arcana to the original Charm to transform into an everyday item they think of.


Elements include:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Ice
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Nature
  • Lightning
  • Aether
  • Heal
  • Pulse
  • Gravity
  • Beam

Most of the magic used for wands have neutral powers.


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Fraymotifs are elementally powerful magical spells, and are also Finishers. They can be used more than one element to flourish impact. However, Fraymotifs create several limitations, depending on the amount of magic a witch or wizard uses, and the vivid weaknesses of each element that overshadow the strengths if combined.


A small flying transporter used for mainly male wizards that sometimes takes form of surfboards.


An Imp, or mostly called Demon, Menace, or Rascal, is the underling of the main Creeper. It seems to be small and weaker than its producer.


A Labyrinth is a dimensional barrier created by a Creeper and housed by its Imps. This could be only sensed by sorcerers with significant amount of magic, and it is invisible to regular humans. Pretty much a large amount of Labyrinths pose themselves as lighter and cartoony environments, mystical and fantastic lands, or weirdly proportional and distracting messes. Possibly a small number of Labyrinths could pose real-world environments.

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