This is the backstory 4 my OC Evie

(btw im currently writing this in maths class)

also sorry if i misspellt anything 

Both of Evies parents (Mina O'Kane & Joe O'Kane) are very succesful doctors and have always expected Evie to be the same so they locked Evie off from the internet so that nothing could distract her from becomg a docror. Then at the age of 12 her parents sent Evie to a very expensive private boarding doctor school, so she was much younger than the other kids at the school, although she was an exdroidnay student and probaly the best in the entire school. Then one summery afternoon while Evie and her dad were on the beach, Her mother went out to the mailbox she saw a letter for Evie. Mother put the letter on Evies bed and waited until she came home. When Evie and her father finally came home from the beach, her mother told her that there was a letter for her in her room. Evie took off her swimsuit and put on her pajamas and looked at the letter for a bit without opening it. Her parents were sitting in the livingroom when Evie came in there and asked them to open it with her, They agreed and then they opend it togethor. Evies parents read the letter first in shock, all their life they had trained Evie in becoming the best daughter, But a witch how is Evie a witch? they thought. Evie looked at their facial exoressions and asked them waht was wrong. Her parents showed the letter to Evie, but unlike her parents Evie was delighted to hear that she would be attending Luna Nova fter the summer holidays . Her parents were dissapointed that Evie wasnt going to become a sucsessful doctor like them but they told Evie that they would contact the boarding school and say that she wouldnt be coming back after the summer holidays

yeah thats what ive come up with so far but my teacher is comin so bye

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