The Elders were an alien race from another dimension, the masters of the Okuma and the true antagonists of the Onymoji story.


Long ago, the Elders were an advance technological race that brought a Golden Age of Peace and Wonders. However, that all changed when a dimensional breach opened into their world unleashing a race of demons. The numbers of the Okuma and their abilities ravaged the once vibrant world into a barren wasteland and two third of the Elder population was destroyed.

At some point in their war, the Elders creatred a device to control the demons. The plan succeeded but the damage was already done. The survivors of the first demon attack mentioned seeing their 'masters' who dropped the demons into attacking their world. With the Okuma on their side, the Elders became the Masters and vowed vengeance on the demons' creators(humanity) who destroyed their world.


The Elders were muscular with large pair of wings, two pairs of arms with nine fingers and long legs. They have multiple eyes on their sides with faces that lack any features only revealed to be their mouths with rows of serrated teeth. They appeared to be a form of sea creature which has developed to currently live on land.


Intellect: The Elders were powerful inventors creating the device that allowed them to control the Okuma. Other than that, they possessed powerful warships with one able to sink an entire continent into the sea.

Physical Prowess: Despite their large stature, they were agile and possesed a incredible amount of strenght with one punch the equivalent of the force of a running truck.

Known Elders

Lor: The leader of the Elder Militia. A cold hearted general who won't stop until humanity was destroyed. His daughter was killed during the first attack of the Okuma.

Vena: Lor's second in command. While hateful towards humanity, she is most optimistic among the Elders. Her presene allows many of the Elder Militia to anchored back to their moral grounds. She has romantic feelings for Lor.

Krato: An archivist who Akko, in disguise met. He revealed why the Elders waged war on humanity.


The Elders were based on the Elders Things of Lovecraftian Horror. In fact, all known Elders whose names are based on HP Lovecraft's name. Lo (Lor) ve (Vena) craft (Krato). 
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Elder Things

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