The Broom Dancing Room (Dance room, Gym.) is a room within Luna Nova seen only twice in the second film, The Enchanted Parade, used by Akko and the others to attempt to practice a broom dance; The room is never properly given a name at any point.


The room is constructed mostly identical to other single level classrooms we see in the series; Tall, large windows make for most of the rooms illumination, although lamps can be seen on the walls, presumably for night time, or poor weather use. Other shared attributes with other rooms are two doors placed on either end of the interior wall, connecting to a hallway, and a clearly marked section of the wall at the back of the room for use as a magic equivalent of a chalkboard.

Deviations in architecture can mostly be seen in the floor. While other rooms have been seen with long floorboards ending in a pointed shape on both ends of the board, The Dancing Room features shorter boards, creating a tight, scale-like appearance. Only other alteration of note is the darkened windows facing into the connected hall, presumably covered up for privacy reasons, as the hall in question is still brightly lit, and should have been visible as seen in other examples of rooms in the film.


The room is sparsely decorated, featuring 12 stored chairs, 2 stored tables, and 2 bookshelves. It is assumed these are utilized for less physical learning aspects of Dancing, or the room simply has multiple uses. The bookshelf is very lightly used; Implying either Broom Dancing (or the possible secondary use of the room) is lacking in learning material.


  • The dancing room also serves as the only time we see the physical education uniform in animation; Only other known appearances are in the Keisuke Sato manga, and miscellaneous promotional material.


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