Recently I stumbled upon another anime, My Hero Academia, and got to watch Midoriya's relationship with his mother. In a way Midoriya and Akko are similar in that since their childhoold, they both dreamed of becoming something which most people deemed impossible for them and as the series advances they keep fighting to achieve this. However, a big difference between both series is we're also presented with Midoriya's mother, a mom who cares deeply for her child and supported him in many different ways to make him feel like the hero he always dreamed to be.

Going back to the Little Witch Academia series, we know of Akko's passion for magic since young, her attempts at learning magic by herself and finally managing to enter Luna Nova Academy (and from there the rest of the series). However, do you feel the series should acknowledge Akko's parents and how they treated her during all this time (if they were supportive or didn't really pay much attention to her)? Perhaps just like we got to know Lotte's parents, there should be an episode dedicated to meeting Akko's parents either through a visit to Akko's hometown, a parent reunion at Luna Nova or by flashbacks of Akko's past.

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