There has been many elements throughout the Little Witch Academia franchise but none cannot compare to Akko.

What do we know about Akko? Well, when she was young, she watch a magic show performed by Shiny Chariot. The show amazed her to the point she wanted to become a witch like her idol. There have been some flashbacks to her past but honestly, it makes you want to learn more about her but at the same time you see from her actions what kind of person she is. 

She can be pushy and kind of stubborn but what makes them work is because she has this endless passion and that is the highlight of her character. She wants to live her dream but not at the expense of others. She would even cost her own position at the school if it meant helping someone in need. So many people noticed this and acknowledged her for it such as Ursula, Andrew, Lotte, Diana, the Faeries and Woodward.

I mean who would ever see a loser as someone more than capable to change their own fate for the better? Akko did. One of the best examples of Akko is when she confronts Diana before she leaves Luna Nova. Akko does acknowledge that Diana must help her family but also wants Diana to live her own life and be happy. Which drives harder when she went to the Cavendish estate and tried her best to help Diana with her problem. To Diana, Akko did what the entire magical world couldn't do for her and that is giving the entire world to Diana so that she could live her dream. And what's even better is when Diana calls out on Chariot under the belief that she left Akko alone. Diana was basically telling that Akko is the best reward to those who were at their lowest point and makes you feel that you matter into this world and to throw it away is a crime of its own.

There was no doubt that Akko would be the perfect candidate to be the one to unlock the Grand Triskellion because she is the one who would give you hope.

I believe there is more to Akko but what we do know is that her compassion would take her to a future unlike any other.

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