Granted, I am proud to see Akko finally getting her magic back in working order but that's all there is. Before that, the world was in peril and all life would have been annihilated by the Noir Rod and all of this happens because of Witches.

Remember, that missile wouldn't have taken off if Croix didn't activate her Noir Rod. Not to mention, that people were hurt during her actions such as harming what could be a politician's son and nearly instigated World War III. If the world ever found out, they will hate Witches more than ever and everything start all over again but this time in even worse conditions. And they also demand Croix to be executed.

As for the Witches' side. They got outright humiliated by their star student. Luna Nova allowed an insane teacher do all her schemes near within the students who were beaten and assaulted and nearly killed during several of her schemes. And because the teachers gave her so much freedom, she's the reason the world was about to be destroyed. Shouldn't the students' parents demand the teachers to be fired for their incompetence? And I'm pretty sure Luna Nova's reputation has gone down the drain because of these scandals.

Also, why Woodward should be happy about magic being revived. Before this, she willingly left Chariot and Croix to die by the Noir Rod. Not to mention, she allowed an evil to grow beyond anyone's control and she did left Chariot to rot for ten years. Whether or not the two have forgiven her and even if they did, they probably removed her out of their lives and just think they she just didn't exist.

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