'Okuma '(Mad Demon) are a race of demons who plagued Midgard for almost a millenia clashing with the Onmyoji of Japan. 


The term Okuma derives from the Japanese words Oko tsu (Mad) and Akuma (Demon). 


The secret history behind the Okuma were that they were product of fear by Witchkind. During the Dark Ages, as the decline of magic has begin to occur, several Witches feared an impending doom awaiting them. Using their best Wtichcrafters, they began creating a super organism that would protect them as guardians. The Okuma were born.

Shortly after their creation, the Witches tested their capabilities on the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, South America. Witches noted that due to the use or nature of magic, it bypassed certain limits that nature used to held many lifeforms back allowing the Okuma  to thrive without deterrent. The Okuma were sent out and had easily put down a rise of Dragon subspecies.

With the news of the Okuma met with praise, the Witches Council decided to implement them in the capital of Witches, Thapoli. However unbeknownst to the Witches Council, something was happening with their creations. Time passes, a dark pulse inside them slowly emerged, each time related what the Witches did to them particularly continued experimentation, isolation within their cages, increased in labour and the constant battles fought over the years. The tipping point finally reached when all the Okuma fought off a Titan army. Although victorious they were, the intensive energy of the battle has begun seeping onto the Okuma allowing the darkness that they had developed finally unleashed, rage. The Okuma took their newfround rage onto Thapoli, thus fulfilling the prophecy the Witches wanted to prevent.

The Okuma left nothing alive. Agents sent to Thapoli found the capital in ruin along with millions of dead bodies of its citizens. The Witches now saw that the Okuma has turned against them. Thankfully, they managed to contain them within part of North America. Seeing that they were unable to be controlled once more, the Witches sent the Okuma to another dimension, hopefully won't terorize anyone ever again.

However, the Witches made another error as the dimension they were sending them was populated. The dimension's inhabitants, Elders didn't had time to react as the Okuma lay sieged onto their world. The Elders using their advance technology to create a device to pacify the Okuma but the damage has been done. 95 % of the Elder population has been eradicated and their homes' resources has been severely depleted that their own advancements won't be able to repair the damage. Enraged what the Okuma and their creators has done, the Elders used these demons against those beyond their dimension leading up to the Great Onmyoudou War.

The Great Onmyoudou War began in the Sengoku Period where a small clan of Onmyouji were practicing mysticsm has gotten word that several villages had been attack. The sent their best men onto them but when they returned, only one remained who passed away but before he did, he informed his clansmen that the enemy they were fighting were demons. 

Not long, reports began to arrive about the demons named as the Okuma getting stronger. How grave the situation was, the head of the Kitsune Clan ask for the summons for all Japan's leaders to meet. All of them were informed about the Okuma threat. With it, the leaders who had seen the Okuma firsthand decided to put aside their differences to unite against a common enemy. 

As the battle against the Okuma rages on, the Onmyouji  continued practicing their Onmyoudou. They travelled across the world learning various arts to implement into their studies till finally they perfected it. With it, the Kitsune Clan rose prominently and aided alongside the warlords turning the tide against the Okuma threat. 

Japan won the war with the Siege of Osaka and the breach they poured out from was seal. It has been decided by the Kitsune Clan and the leaders that the tale of the Okuma would be kept secret to avoid world wide panic. Thus, the Great Onmyodou War was done. However, during 2007, an accident done by an idol named Shiny Chariot caused the breach to be undone releasing the Okuma once more. The Second Onmyodou War began.

Powers and Abilities

The original Okuma were capable on their own using their strength, speed and anymore. However, their most dangerous ability is to evolve by consuming quantities of biomass allowing them to adapt to new environments. The process of evolution is unknown but was noted by scientists to be thousands of years of evolution compounded into a matter of seconds.

Basic (Blank) State: The original Okuma who began the Great Omyodou War. They preferred attacking in swarms but a single Blank Okuma is able to match two squads of soldiers. In present day, they evolved and a new successor to the species known as the Crimson Jackets

Midnight State: Having consumed sufficient biomass, the Basic Okuma transforms into its Midnight State. The appearance of the Okuma depends on what biomass it consumes. Their appearances changed to adapt to their surroundings. Attacks have been strengthend along with all of its other capabilities. Each Midnight has a uniqua ability depending on the biomass consumed. Midnight has been most common alongside their Basic brethren.

Ultimate State: By consuming more biomass, the Okuma enters its final metamorphosis where it will transformed into a more powerful version of their Midnight forms. Legends foretold of the Ultimates and they were the true Leviathans of the world. The Ultimate Okuma will be made leader or lieutenant of the pack. 


Name Description
Crimson Jackets

The only Blank State Okuma resembled that of Yellow Jackets. They are always angry and would attack anything in sight including their own kind. One is able to fend of small squads but together, they became a 'living sky' that scoops prey. Their primary attack are Mag projectiles.

Leapers By consuming several amphibian species, Leapers developed a small size that allow them to survey areas without getting detected along with powerful legs that allowed them to escape or  leapt to pounce on prey.
Air Blades Known as 'Spinning Tops of Doom'.Having consumed an unknown insect species later confirmed to belong to the Elder ecosystem, Air Blades are able to hover and use their constant rotating blades making it impossible for melee attacks. Their blades could even destroy the toughest of alloy.
Metal Impalers Resembling that of scorpions, they strike with their stingers and came in large numbers. Their small size allows them to access ares that are unreachable. 
Skull Crackers Resembling mongoose like humanoids, they are mostly seen guarding important areas such as nests. They equipped with an Mag blaster and an energy shield.
Ghosts Ghosts are one of the deadliest Okuma. They are equipped with cloaking technology to ambush their enemies or uses a Mag blaster for sniping making them perfect assassins. Historical texts provided that the Ghost were responsible for the several deathsTheir appearance are based on an unknown species in the Elder homeworld, 
Hunters The most seen within the Okuma Army. Their appearance are based on various mammals particularly Gorillas, Canines and Felines allowing them to have the strength, speed and ferocity of wild animals. 

Assault Heavy

Above human height Humanoids with reptilian appearance due to their Komodo Dragon DNA. They are mostly found escorting members of their kind to target areas  but are also seen aiding in assaults alongside their brethren. They able to take in several hits and fires deadly electric staffs.
Ballistic Reapers Like the Leaper, they possessed jumping abilites but are more advanced. Having Mantis and Hopper DNA, Reapers were designed solely for combat. Many have noted the Reapers disappearing to the sky before delivering death from above.
Troopers Troopers are considered the Elite among the Okuma forces. Several pages in the texts mentioned how some of them were skilled lieutenants in the field and had face off several of the Order's finest. Humanoid Okuma possessed rapid fire Mag rifles that are able to tear through flesh in seconds.
Ballista They are resembled to be slim versions of the Skull Crackers and they use a staff with an elastic rope that carries that carries a powerful Mag Rocks.
Stalkers They are closely related to the Hunters with Hunters acting the role of soldiers while Stalkers act as Drones within the Okuma chain of command. Their names are derived from their gathering skills. While not as advanced as the Ghosts, they possesed enough stealth to capture prey and able to take several shots.
Rockets Rockets are the most advanced Okuma so far has seen. They have lead aerial dog fights throughout the Second Onmyodou War. They have been equipped with twin jets for airborne combat along with dual blasters
Dark Harpies Having consumed both Spider and Winged Insect DNA, they could fly and fire energy bullets. Their special ability is to set traps.
Juggernauts By consuming elephants and electric eels, they are the most massive of the Okuma. When in groups, the Juggernauts are able to unleash storms that could render cities apart.
Mega Pede They are giant centipede like creatures that will relentlessly hunt down its opponents. They are master burrowers allowing to attack enemies from the ground.
Battering Rams They preferred headbutting enemies with their horns and resembled rhinos.
Watchers Crab like Okuma with cloaking system similar to the Ghosts. They are more tougher than Ghosts and wield mounted blasters earning their moniker Mobile Turrets.
Krakens A very terrifying breed of Okuma. They are mostly found in seas. They are walking toxins as their poisonous stings could kill a man in seconds. The ooze could even be acidic. 
Beasts One of the most powerful Midnight Okuma that could challenge even Ultimates. Despite their huge size, they are capable of running. Because of these traits, they are able to break through buildings without flinching. They are mounted with missile turrets to allow them to mow down incoming enemies and their jaws are able to crush vehicles.
Titan  Evolved from a Mega Pede, Titan was granted the ability of flight. Apart from that, Mega Pedes act as a bomber dropping loads of Mag Bombs on unsuspecting victims. Even if you destroyed one part of their body will become a separate individual of its own and will attack anyone alongside the original.

Evolved from a Dread Wing, Roc fires lasers from his wings and they could be used to impale opponents. 


Evolved from a Hunter, they are able to take in massive damage and unleashes a powerful roar that knocks down opponents. This was the first Okuma Chariot had encountered before it was killed by Akko.

Bermuda Evolved from the Kraken, it was nearly able to pollute the oceans until destroyed by Akko. Its tentacles are able to split open and devoure prey or spew toxic sludge. The first Okuma Akko faced.


Many of the Blank and Midnight State Okuma are based on the Metal Heads from Jak and Daxter series with the Ultimates are based on monsters from several franchises.
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