Troop 147 is a division of Onmyoji from the Order of Kitsune and the main protagonists of Little Witch Academia Onmyoji. They have taken part in the major battles during the Second Onmyodou War and are lead by Akko Kagari.


Eversince the Second Onmydou War began, the Okuma had quickly spread themselves across the globe and many lands were lost in the process. The Order began to divide themselves to handle the multipe situations. Troop 147 was one of many groups which was lead by Akko Kagari after she completed her training as an Onmyoji. The name was based on the 47 Ronin of Japanese Legends.

Prior to Onmyoji, Troop 147 were responsible in handling the Okuma resistance residing in Japan. When Civil War broke out between the group and the Order itself, Akko left the Order and her comrades followed suit while continue the fight against the Okuma.


Akko Kagari: Leader of Troop 147.

Tsubasa: A member of Akko's Elite Bodyguards.

Inugami: A member of Akko's Elite Bodyguards.

Saru: A member of Akko's Elite Bodyguards.

Subaru Kobayshi: Troop 147's engineer specializing in inventing new weapons, gadgets and reparing the Momo.

Touya Oshizu: Admiral of Troop 147's ship, the Momo.

Miki Sengoku: Troop 147's Kunoichi and used to move ahead and gather information about the enemies or find survivors from any battlezone. Her familiar is an Osprey.

Ai Akagami: Momo's Navigator.

Hanzo Hiyama: A rookie Lieutenant later became Captain to lead his men to battle.

Akira Kenzaki: An Onmyoji who creates Golems.

Yui Minamoto: Artillery Expert.

Sashi Imagawa: Close Quarters Combatant.

Ikki Hoshinomori: Pilot. Later retired after critical injury.

Ritsu Kotegawa: An officer sent by the Order that oversees the operations of Troop 147. Later became part in the active field.

Ursula Calistis: Was conscripted into Troop 147 until became a full time member.

Andrew Handbridge: Co-pilot.

Frank: Co-pilot.


Yosuke Kagari: Former Head of the Order.

Bernadette Cavendish: Secret Investor

Miranda Holbrooke: Secret Investor

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