Mama's Special Gift is an original video animation premiered in the late November 2017.


Akko visited Diana and asked for her aid in finding a present for her mother. Diana agreed and joined Akko along with her group to town. There after inspecting several gifts, Akko learned of a rumor about Jennifer's Pot which when used could bring about a miracle. Believing that might be the proper present for her mother, Akko went on a journey to find it.

Meanwhile, everyone in Luna Nova are preparing for the arrival of the school's mysterious major benefactor revealing to be a beautiful woman. Many attempts to entertain the guest but failed all the while the mentioned guest is searching for something.

Eventually, both stories come together with Akko revealing that the benefactor is actually Akko's mother, Koyomi Kagari. In the end, mother and daughter spent time together.


Koyomi Kagari:  Koyomi is the mother of Akko Kagari: Koyomi has shown to have a personality very different from her daughter, Akko making one wonder if they were truly related. Koyomi was calm and perceived to be purely emotionless that it is difficult to understand what her next action might be. However, Koyomi has a deep love for Akko and has used her vast wealth and resoruces to ensure her daughter's happiness. It was later learned that Koyomi actually controlled a large majority of Luna Nova and while her advisors believed the school should be torn down, Koyomi decided to enroll her daughter there because the school was where her daughter's idol studied. However, Koyomi has shown to have a vengeful side especially when it has a relation with her daughter with two examples where she protected Akko who was getting harassed by the staff but died down after Akko explained everything and towards Ursula, both cases resulting Koyomi in threatening with the demolishment of the school. Its implied that Koyomi was aware of Ursula's identiy and what she did to Akko long ago.

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