Pokemon: The Witches' Decisive Battle is an eight part OVA series as part of the Pokemon Unity project. The OVA was released on July 2019 till June 2020.


Taking place between Sky War Stanship and Cavendish, Luna Nova enrolls their students into the famed Gaia Tournament where Pokemon Trainers around the world duel it out in intense and awe inspiring combat. After chosen to be one of the participants, Akko must help her school in winning the Gaia Tournament but along the way she meets an old friend.


Atsuko Kagari

Diana Cavendish

Ryuko Matoi


1 This is the story of a young girl who dreams on becoming a Witch and the Pokemon she has befriended who will take her on a journey unlike any other.
2 The Gaia Tournament has reemerged and Luna Nova enters the competition to prove their worth. However, things turn dire for the school when someone of Akko's past emerges.
3 With Diana losing the first match, everyone in Luna Nova is in a panic. Meanwhile, Akko prepares herself and her Pokemon when they are next to compete.
4 Thanks to Akko's victory, Luna Nova starts to regain momentum on the next battles but would it be enough?
5 After winning another match, Akko meets up with Ryuko and the two reminisce about their time when they were young.
6 The final match begins and it is between two childhood friends now rivals.
7 The battle reaches its brilliant conclusion. Who will win the Gaia Tournament?
8 The Gaia Tournament over, everyone begins to leave to their homes and before that, remember the times they had here.

Differences between TV Series and OVA

  • The OVA takes place in an alternate setting where the events in the TV series did took place but the world is populated with Pokemon alongside humanity.
  • Akko is childhood friends with Ryuko Matoi, a character from another series made by Trigger, Kill La Kill.
  • Akko's cat in her childhood is a Litten, a recent addition from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Unlike the TV Series, Akko's Litten actually followed Akko to Luna Nova.
  • Its revealed in the OVA series that Jennifer is the first Witch from Luna Nova to win the Gaia Tournament making Akko the second Witch to win the latest event.
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