I was rewatching the last few episodes of the series and something felt off. The scene where Croix and Chariot are fighting the Noir Fuel Spirit Dragon, Croix gets thrown against a rock wall with almost no injuries but some bruises. SHE SHOULD BE DEAD! Or at the very least, she should have a full body cast. 

And then I noticed there are other instances of this throughout the series. Nobody seems to get hurt at all! When Akko starts floating away as an elephant and pops, which is crazy by itself, she doesn't have any major injuries. NOBODY DOES! When Akko drops to the ground after being cut out of the web from the Fuel Spirit Spider, she falls a good fall a good foot or two, which should have dislocated a joint or bruise her, but NO. NOBODY EVER GETS HURT!

I know this is an anime with witches, magic love bees, and a SENTIENT FLYING ROD, pe
Croix in Arcturus

Should be totally dead

ople never get hurt. But seriously, this is insane!
Akko Falls

Broken neck


Don't forget about this scene!

Chariot & Noir Rod wreckage

This should of really screwed up her joints

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