Not a single person has ever seen the top of Wagandea. Wagandea has no end.

—Ursula, Wagandea

The Wagandea (ワガンディア Wagandia?) is an immense, legendary tree unique to the Arcturus Forest. Its depicted in many ancient slabs, and legend says that no one has ever reached its summit. Wagandea releases a poisonous pollen when its flowers bloom. The pollen is highly toxic and it is said to cause a severe allergic reaction to witches, taking away their ability to fly and use magic.


Wagandea is so tall that no one has ever seen its top. It has rather huge leaves and a thorny trunk that extends endlessly into the sky in a spiral.

When its flowers bloom, they release a pollen containing a dangerous toxin that can take away a witch ability to fly and use magic forever. The pollen clears in a month on average, but the time it stays ranges from weeks to, in very rare cases, even several years.


Base of the Wagandea tree.jpg
Glowing Wagandea buds.jpg
Wagandea tree seen by flying Ursula.jpg
Akko climbing the Wagandea just before buds open.jpg
Wagandea flower spraying pollen.jpg
Wagandea tree releasing pollen.jpg
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