Wagandea (ワガンディア Wagandia?) is the 21st episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "Discipline".[1]


Croix Meridies tells Akko the sixth word is related to the Wagandea tree, but Ursula forbids her from going. Andrew hears about a mind-altering new app.


The episode begins with a limo that is on its way for parliament, with two of its occupants, Andrew and Frank, discussion the means to contact Luna Nova. To Frank's dismay, Andrew only wanted to return Akko's hat for that reason. The two then see the riot from the soccer verdict still ongoing, along with some pedestrians who addicted with a new app Frank introduced as Emotion Refresh, stating that it has a soothing effect which helpful during this unfortunate turn of events. Unknown to everyone, the app is actually part of Croix's ongoing shady project.

At Luna Nova, Ursula and Akko are baffled with an unexpected turn of event where the latter brought Diana back along with the Fifth Word, something they hadn't foreseen before. Nevertheless, Akko becomes more than eager to find the next Word with Ursula revealed it to be "Lyonne" and had to find its meaning on her own, prompting her to go consulting with the books at the library. Unknown to her, Ursula felt disheartened from having the topic pertaining the Sixth Word for some reasons.

Finding the meaning of Lyonne from the books at the library to no avail, Akko meets Hannah and Barbara and had an uneasy conversation with the two. To Akko's pleasant surprise, they expressed their gratitude for bringing their friend back to Luna Nova before left, leaving Akko who can't help but proud to herself, all while confirming that the two indeed genuine friend to Diana despite starting off as good-for-nothing sycophants. Afterwards, Croix shows up and inquired Akko about her research. Upon hearing the Word "Lyonne", Croix stated that it has something to do with Wagandea, the legendary tree Chariot once climbed. After learning the tree's whereabouts, Akko asked Ursula to allow her to go there and climb it, but the bespectacled professor refused and warned her of its dangerous nature: The tree's pollen contain a potent toxin that will strip a witch something she deared most, and thus the reason why she kept it a secret. Surprised that Croix told Akko about, it, Ursula decided to be stricter towards Akko and forbid her to go after telling her the period when the tree releases its pollen, much to Akko's dismay.

Akko's friends, even Diana, discouraged her against climbing the tree with Diana revealed another fact about Wagandea: The tree's toxic pollen is said to capable of stripping any witch who exposed to it their magic, including her ability to fly with magic brooms. Lotte and Sucy noticed that the manner the Cavendish warned Akko was less condescending than usual, with the latter noted that she's gone soft. Akko is on the verge of accepting until Croix offered to accompany her to the Wagandea she mentioned earlier, unaware with what the latter has in store for her. Meanwhile, Ursula is holding a photo of her and Croix's younger selves back when they still friends when Alcor appears and warned her about the latest development.

Upon learning from Akko that hasn't thought about what will she do with Grand Triskellion and only wanted to meet Chariot and thanked her for inspired her to become a witch as they are in their way for Wagandea, Croix decided to put her plan into action. Once they confirmed that the tree's flowers at the bottom is still in form of buds, Croix "warned" Akko that Ursula is hiding something. Akko tried to reason with one flimsy excuse after another, but Croix's half-truth statements made her more and more terrified as there are things she doesn't know about her mentor and mother figure all this time, including the fact that she was not one of Luna Nova alumnis (technically not as Ursula, but Croix made it sounds that Ursula is a shady individual). Nevertheless, Croix asked Akko whether she has a resolve to achieve her goals, and Akko stated that she would do anything.

Meanwhile, Ursula set out for Wagandea in haste, but is ambushed by Croix and her magitronics. Recovering from the crash, she had a flashback when the two summoned Shiny Rod through their desires and dreams. To Croix's utter shock and dismay, the staff appeared on Chariot's hands as Woodward appears and instructed her friend to unlock the Words. The dismayed Croix attempted to reach for the staff, but it shocked her, and the darkness from its rejection grows. As the flashback ends, Croix stands triumphantly over her former friend. Ursula attempted to ignore Croix, but is put down by another of Croix's magitronics. Ursula mocked that she chose a cowardly path against Akko out of fear she would get her hands on the Grand Triskellion. Slightly angered, Croix callously revealed her true intention to dispose Akko for her being Ursula's last chance to fulfill her own dreams, even if it would kill her in process. With that, Croix made her leave and deliberately let Ursula off to see how the next events unfold.

Meanwhile, Akko continue climbing the tree when she is ambushed by swarms of pixel that combine into giant hand-like form after camouflaging themselves among the branches. Though Ursula managed to save her by blasting the construct into pieces, Akko remain fearful and even slapped her mentor's hand when she attempted to persuade her against continuing further out of fear and frustration. An argument ensued between the teacher and student over Croix' statements and when the pollen is released, and Akko, having finally reached her breaking point, tearfully lashed out on Ursula for deterring her against her dreams, as all she wanted was only to reunite with Chariot, leaving Ursula distraught by the fact that she had a part in Akko's current predicament.

Just then, Croix intervened under the claim of reasoning with Ursula on her behalf, prompting Akko to make her leave. The now-fearful Ursula attempted to persuade Akko against continuing, but is deterred by Croix who now free to all-out with the young witch no longer around. Unfortunately, she went too far when deploying a snake-like construct which proceeded to devour her former friend where to her shock, prompting Ursula to magically blast her way out of the pixel monster's maw and knocked herself out in process. The sight of Ursula plumetting to the ground far below unexpectedly render Croix conflicted that she cried out for Ursula to wake her up. Fortunately, while having a flashback of her visit at Wagandea long ago, Croix's cries awakened her and promoted her to slow her descent at the very last moment. As the bitter enemies surprised by this turn of events, Croix somberly warned Ursula that Wagandea is about to release its pollen in any minutes and there's nothing she can do about it. To her dismay, Ursula remained adamant to protect Akko at all costs and made her leave for her student, prompting the saddened Croix to call off her magitronics from further advancing before looking forlorningly at the ground, knowing that this won't end well.

Akko continue climbing the tree, vowing to fulfill her dreams. For a time she falters, but press on as she sees that there's no turning back. However, Wagandea has released its pollen and she found herself surrounded by the pollen cloud. Terrified, she lost her balance and fell to the woods and pollen cloud below her. As she submitted to her fate, Akko is saved by Ursula who caught her on the air and protected her protege from the pollen, injuring herself and sacrificed her own ability to fly for the latter' future. The two then crashed to the trees below as the night falls.

Some time later, Akko opened her eyes where to her shock, she sees the injured Ursula holding her as the older witch awakens and asked her if she's alright. Horrified with events that has transpired, Akko tearfully apologize to her teacher, with the sight of her crying made Ursula having another flashback: It's turned out that she was once attempted to climb Wagandea when she was around Akko's age, but things went downhill with both her and Croix (who attempted to stop her) ended up injured. Chariot too blamed herself over the incident, along with the fact that Shiny Rod chose her and Croix resented her for it. While this was true, Croix, knowing the burden that her friend carry, reassured her that she deserved more than her as Chariot crying on her arms. Back to the present, Ursula realized that she had pushed her hopes and dreams to Akko without knowing what her student felt, but Akko argued that she chose to collect the Words in her own volition. Akko further stated that despite everything, she hadn't yet to grow and lost her sight upon who truly deserved her gratitude. As she expressed her gratitude to her mentor, who had always on her side and look out for her, a drop of her tears fell onto the sixth orb of the Shiny Rod, causing it to glow. The awestruck Akko is surprised that it was the meaning of the Sixth Word all along. With that, she recited the Word, "Lyonne", conjuring golden tendrils from Shiny Rod's orbs that heals Ursula's injuries. During the healing process, Ursula explained that no one knows how high Wagandea grows as she assured to Akko that she has grow into a fine person.

Unknown to the two, Croix, unconcerned with her failure in disposing Akko, revealed to working on a monstrous, gigantic magitronic replica of Shiny Rod. With its construction went underway, she expresses her intention to forcefully break the seal of Grand Triskellion with it.

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  • It is revealed that Chariot unlocked the sixth word shortly after discovering the Shiny Rod. However, when a flashback is shown of her gaining the power of the stars in "The Fountain of Polaris", only the third word is illuminated in yellow (meaning it's unlocked), which fits what is known from "What You Will", that she had awakened Arae Aryrha. The sixth crystal in the Shiny Rod does not appear the same, which seems to be a minor continuity error.
  • Ursula ends up losing her ability to fly after she rescues Akko, as the Wagandea pollen curse took away her ability to fly instead of something from Akko's.
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode's title name was changed to "Discipline".
  • This episode takes place in January, along with "Cavendish", "Intelligence and Sensibility", and "Chariot and Croix", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]
  • The manner Shiny Rod rejected Croix (a shock of yellow electrical energy) is eerily similar to how the light of Orb/Voice of Light rejected Jugglus Juggler in Episode 23 of Ultraman Orb, " The Blade of Darkness". Interestingly, both events took place in the flashback and as with between Gai/Orb and Juggler in the latter, the former marked the beginning of the animosity between Chariot and Croix. [3]


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