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The Water Summoning Spell is a Summoning Magic spell that first invokes a local spring through which a Unicorn is summoned. It's a technique passed down from ancient times.


A spell that has been passed down throughout generations of Cavendish family since ancient times, the caster first conjures a large bodies of water beneath him/her by reciting its first incantation, Shuryal Muryuelle, before continues with "A creature with the sacred mane seeped with the light from the stars, and be forth anew from this bright fountain." Afterwards, he/she finishes with its final incantation, Tiphillie Lirullianae, causing a sigil ripples beneath his/her feet before expelling a large amounts of water from which the summoned unicorn appears before him/her


TV series

Samhain Magic

Diana performs this summoning magic passed down from ancient times during her act at the Samhain Festival, evoking a radiant unicorn from the waters, to the marvel of the audience.