The Weather Ball (ウェザーボール U~ezābōru?) is a special stone that can predict the weather on the next day. One such artifact is utilized by Luna Nova and placed at the balcony of Headmistress' office.

Appearance and Traits

Contrary to its namesake, the Weather Ball is a bright green, cube-shaped stone with a moss-like pattern that can be seen in its inactive state. It can be activated by being placed on its fountain, resulting in it floating a few feet above it while being soaked by water. At this point, the Weather Ball's appearance changes a bit to reflect on the possible weather on the next day.

Sometime after imprisonment of Molly's Ghost Witch half, the Weather Ball was used to hide Gienah Key. When the seal of Horologium Chamber's hold over the fragment of Molly's Ghost Witch half in Time Abyss behind the Chamber's sealed door started to weaken, this somehow awakaned the Key's powers, interfering the Weather Ball's magic and clogged the flow of its fountain's water current. Both the Weather Ball and its fountain eventually restored to normal after Akko used Mending Magic on it, subsequently removing the key in process.


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