What You Will is the 12th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series. It also serves as the first part of two-parter first cour finale (first season on Netflix) of the series.


Akko hopes to win the same award at the upcoming school magic festival that Shiny Chariot won years ago, but Diana looks to be the prime candidate.


The episode begins with Diana reading the document pertaining to Grand Triskellion at the very morning while Hannah and Barbara still sleeping. She then recalled on Akko's Shiny Rod, apparently realizing the connection between the Rod and World Altering Magic.

During the same morning, Akko is practicing her Metamorphosis Magic under Ursula's tutelage where she managed to make significant progress. As of now, her animal forms only have one wrong trait; Akko's monkey form has rabbit-like ears whereas her elephant form has bird-like wings as ears which large enough to accommodate short flight. Just then, something went wrong in her latter form where Akko unexpectedly inflates like a balloon and subsequently floated away. To make matters worse, a wasp appeared out of nowhere and stings her, creating a small hole which resulted in Akko's inflated form to deflate and fly out of control until she got stuck at the top of one of the academy's observatory. After getting patched up by Ursula, the excited Akko can't help but proud by her progress while the bespectacled professor recalled on Woodward's message about Akko's destiny with the Japanese managed to unlock two of Seven Words of Arcturus. As the sun rises, Akko declared her ambition to become this year's Moonlit Witch in the oncoming Samhain Festival.

Later that morning in the cafeteria, Wangari spreads the latest edition of the academy's newspaper, revealing that Marjolaine, Dorlin, Ural are among Luna Nova alumnae who will appear in the oncoming Samhain Festival. Akko is too excited to realize that the festival might not like what she imagined until Headmistress and Finnelan gathered everyone in the auditorium and explained some of the events that will be held in the aforementioned festival:

  • Boiling toads for enchantments,
  • Memorizing ten thousand incantations,
  • Ancient dark dance,
  • Medieval magic dinner.

Afterwards, Lukić and Finnelan determined students' tasks during the festival with the use of plant-like fairies, in which they get their respective assignments:

  • Alice's team is in charge of Fireworks magic.
  • Rita's handling decorations.
  • Diana's summoning magic.
  • Amanda's cleaning duty performance.

When it's finally Akko's turn, Akko reluctantly picked up one of the faeries where to her shock, her assignment was the least favorable one; becoming the sacrifice for Vajarois. It is then Finnelan explained how the academy appeased the ghost by allowing volunteers from their students to devour them alive, but since she had become a ghost, it won't do much harm other than covering them in gooey ectoplasm and excreted once the night ends. To add insult to injury, Finnelan made it clear that Diana's status as the academy will guarantee her place as this year's Moonlit Witch.

Gathering at the red team's dorm room, Akko, Lotte, Sucy, Amanda, Constanze, and Jasminka discussed the red team's part in the sacrifice as Lotte browsed some information about Vajarois. Akko is upset over her team's assignment since it won't be how she will become this year's Moonlit Witch. Lotte, however, argued that Diana being the current Moonlit Witch is pretty much likely in courtesy of her magical lineage and talent while the Finnish herself never thought about becoming one since she only enrolled at Luna Nova to properly inherit her family's shop. Sucy, on the other hand, is too excited by the prospect of getting eaten alive. The group (except Constanze who too focused on improving her Stanbot) unintentionally hurt the Japanese's feelings by pointing out her shortcomings in magic, causing her to storm off.

Walking past a storage room, Akko overheard Diana, Avery, and Blair discussing which magic mirrors that suit the oncoming festival best. Examining the wooden one, she noted the mirror has enough magic power for the event, though its inhabiting faery proved to be a mischievous one that polishing the mirror with fairy powder should be enough to calm it down (said faery constantly changing her reflection's expression to taunt the top student). Entering the room as soon as they left, Akko examined said mirror and to her shock, its inhabiting faery (while assuming the form of her reflection) mocked upon her insecurities before magically changed her appearance to that of Diana in a flash of light. Just then, Finnelan entered the room to ask "Diana" about the program she proposed for Samhain Festival earlier, oblivious to the latest mishap in the room. Still reeling over her predicament, Diana!Akko hastily excuses herself by pretending to have a stomachache, much to the strict professor's confusion. Unknown to her, Woodward's image briefly flashed on the wooden magic mirror and three leaves can be seen scattered around it, revealing the ancient witch to be the one who is responsible for the transformation.

Just have run few steps away from the magic mirror room, Diana!Akko stumbled upon Hannah and Barbara who need her help about summoning spell's incantation. Looking at the bright side of her situation, Diana!Akko used the opportunity to get back on the bullies; scaring the two by the claim of summoning spell they stumbled upon was cursed and that they will become 82 years old versions of themselves, Diana!Akko convinced Hannah and Barbara that the only way to break the curse is by standing on the outside all night with their hands on their heads and have curse-breaking runes painted on their faces (the runes itself turned out face-paint resembling those of KISS members). Eluding Finnelan who remained oblivious to the revenge prank, Diana!Akko rushed for Diana's room while passing through an unsuspecting goblin along the way in hopes of solving her situation.

Entering Diana's room (which much more luxurious than hers), Diana!Akko stumbled upon the latest entry of the Cavendish's diary which expressed Diana's desire to claim Grand Triskellion. Resisting the temptation to read it, Diana!Akko soon interrupted by Alice and Erika who seek her assistance in changing the pose of Jennifer the Witch's statue that they just moved to Luna Nova's roundabout. Unfortunately, lacking the real Diana's skills, Diana!Akko cannot magically move the statue no matter how hard she tried. As suspicion rises among those who present, the real Diana appeared and performed the deed on her stead and as she does, the spell Woodward put on Akko wears off on that instance. Correctly guessing it to be the influence of flawed magic mirror she examined some time ago, Diana confronted Akko over her issue with her team's sacrifice duty in the incoming festival (having heard the matter from Lotte and Sucy beforehand). An argument ensued as Diana rightfully pointed out Akko's immaturity that she questioned the Japanese's motivation as a witch. Having enough, Akko made her leave, but not without voicing her intention to become this year's Moonlit Witch.

Sitting alone at the takeoff platform that night, Akko compared her own qualities with those of Diana, realizing that the latter is truly better and even more mature than her in many ways, and to top it all, the Cavendish had a mission to restore the world's magic, which doesn't help her frustrations. Ursula appeared and confronted Akko over her issue regarding her team's assignment in the oncoming Samhain Festival, but instead of berating her, the bespectacled professor listened to her problems. Confirming Akko's tendency to leap before thinking twice about it, Ursula gently told Akko that if Chariot is there, she will advise the Japanese not compare her self to other and do what only she can do instead.

After Ursula makes her leave, Akko ponders about Chariot's advice when Shiny Rod's third star unexpectedly projects a beam that guides her to the Fountain of Polaris. Arriving at the Fountain, Akko asked it about the only thing that she can do. In the response, the fountain showed the Japanese the memory of someone Chariot knows; in that memory, Akko learned that she said role model didn't aim to be the Moonlit Witch from start — she became one thanks to her performance in Metamorphosis Magic where she mastered it to impress that person. Also, Akko learned about a unique Metamorphosis Magic Chariot used in the same memory, Arae Aryrha. With this discovery, Akko realized what she must do for her team's assignment.

Back to the two good-for-nothing sycophants, Hannah and Barbara turned out still standing on the courtyard with their hands on their heads even after the night falls. Hilariously, not even the night's cold air break their resolve...

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Woodward in her magical mirror.

  • The light from the Shiny Rod that guides Akko to the Fountain of Polaris radiates from the third stars, representing the third Word, Arae Aryrha.
  • The purposefulness of the magical mirror transforming Akko into Diana is revealed when Woodward appears in the magical mirror and three leaves representing the first three Words of Arcturus flutter at its base. The experience of being Diana is how Akko learned to not compare herself to others.
  • The phoenix Chariot transforms into with Arae Aryrha is the "spirit animal" form she gains from the power of the stars in "The Fountain of Polaris", which most likely occurs later chronologically. By that time the golden light on the Shiny Rod indicates she had already unlocked the Third Word.
  • The face paint used on Hannah and Barbara is a reference to the American band, Kiss.[2]
  • This episode takes place in October, along with "Blue Moon" and "Samhain Magic", as stated in the chronicles book.[3]
  • One of the things that Akko envied of Diana is the Cavendish's desire to obtain the ultimate power of the Grand Triskellion and revive magic in the world. She does not learn until Chariot of Fire that this is her destiny, not Diana's.


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