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Oblivious to the Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt (ワイルドハント Wairudohanto?) is the ghost-hunting event participated by Wild Hunters.


Wild Hunt is an annual event designed to hunt and capture wandering Ghosts. The event consists of 12 stages, each performed in a different place with one day difference. Each participant must capture the Ghosts that appear and the stage ends once all are captured. 

The elaborate experts trained for the Wild Hunt are called Wild Hunters and have gained popularity. Each one has magical weapons specially designed to capture the Ghosts. While usually only they participate, other people can also be part of the Wild Hunt if they get a special permit.

Anyone who participate in an annual Wild Hunt must exercise caution at all times, as some ghosts encountered during the event proved to be more powerful and dangerous than others. In fact, as revealed in Memories of Wild Hunt, one of Sub Events in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, an annual Wild Hunt event that took place in Golden Age of Magic ended up in tragedy as result of encounter with Devilclaw, the terrifying great red bear ghost who feed on witches. Due to sensing Luna Nova witches among the participating Wild Hunters, the Devilclaw went berserk, killing many hunters who tried to stop it. Its rampage eventually ended by the son of one of slain Wild Hunters who banished it with arrows made of silverfang, magical ore that harmful to animal spirits, but the fight severely crippled him in process. Though the story pertaining the Devilclaw incident as well as Devilclaw's own abilities were arguably exaggerated, said incident resulted the regulation for guest hunters to participate in annual Wild Hunt become strictier since then. Thus, arguably being the reason why Constanze built the heavily armed Stanship so similar incident won't be repeated again.[1]

The Wild Hunt event can not be seen by ordinary humans. Only humans with magical training (ex. witches, wizards, and Wild Hunters) and other magical beings can see it, as the ghosts and the Wild Hunters are invisible to all the rest.


  1. Lotte: They say the ghost of the great red bear -- they call it Devilclaw -- was the spirit of a bear that preyed upon witches.
    Akko: What?! It ate witches?!
    Constanze: (gasps faintly)...!
    Lotte: It was probably affected by the witches' power, and that's what made it so dangerous as a ghost. The people on the Wild Hunt had no idea, and it ended up killing them all... Nobody could quell Devilclaw's fury... But when the son of the man who led that fateful Wild Hunt grew up, he set out to avenge his father. He harvested silverfang stone from the Gienah Tundra to destroy the spectral bear once and for all. He knew the stone was the bane of animal spirits, so he fashioned it into arrowheads. After painstaking preparations, he spent seven days and seven nights in a desperate struggle with Devilclaw...
    Akko: What?!
    Constanze: (gasps a little louder)...!
    Lotte: But he just couldn't defeat the great bear, which attacked relentlessly with its vicious claws...
    Akko and Constanze: (gasps dramatically)!
    Lotte: Finally, the young Wild Hunter was spent, and he prepared to face death...
    Akko: And?!
    Constanze: (drops her jaw)!
    Lotte: Letting loose one final arrow, he took down Devilclaw, and returned the bow to his late father's grave.
    Akko: Wow! What an incredible story! I had no idea this scrap of fur had so much history!
    Constanze: (thumbs up)!
    Lotte: (sheepishly) Yeah, although I get the feeling the spirit is embellishing a little.
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