Wild Hunters during Wild Hunt event

Wild Hunters are participants of the annual Wild Hunt event.


Wild Hunters are predominantly male humans dressed primarily with animal skins and trained in the art of magic like witches and wizards, albeit more specialized in hunting and combating ghosts and armed with enchanted weapons instead of wands. Instead of flying broom, Wild Hunters fly with flying wolves as a steed. Other than that, not much is known about them, let alone whether female members do exist since they only appeared in Sky War Stanship.

Powers and Equipments

All Wild Hunters are armed with enchanted weapons designed to banish ghost where said weapons are fashioned into either dual-bladed sword, spear, and/or bows and arrows. Their weapons are crafted from magic-infusued ores such as Silverfang Stones, and can be converted to pure energy form for powering up things, as shown through them recharging Grand Charion's magic energy reserves. In addition of this, Wild Hunters can magically conceal their presence so that only witches, their fellow hunters, and magical creatures can perceive them.

As stated previously, they can fly with aid of their wolf-like steed.



  • Wild Hunter group are possibly themed after/inspired by European folk myths about ghostly or supernatural group of huntsmen of the same name passing in wild pursuit. It is said that seeing this group was thought to presage some catastrophe such as war or plague, or at best the death of the one who witnessed it.
  • Given that majorities of Wild Hunters are male, it can be inferred that some of them happened to be wizards, though this has yet to be confirmed nor proven.
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