A Wisdom Fairy (知恵の妖精 Chie no yōsei?) is a magical creature similar to a gremlin. They are a kind of beings that help people with machinery works. However, if the person does not make an offering in thanks, the Wisdom Fairies break down all the gadgets.


The Wisdom Fairies are small beings with heads similar to a demon, black eyes without pupils, and a wrench like tail.

These creatures move in groups and always help repair the machines of those who need it. However, if they are not given a contribution, something like food or candy, the Wisdom Fairies get upset and break down all the machines.

Like gremlins, the Wisdom Fairies hide in people's homes, they are so fast they can't be seen and can break down any machinery causing it to fall apart in an instant.

Powers and Abilities

On the same vein with gremlins they compare; these fairies can quickly understand how machinery works, including means to dismantle or sabotage them. Unlike the former, however, wisdom fairies are also capable of repairing and improving machinery, thus making them ideal familiar and summon for witches and wizards who excel in mechanics such as Constanze. It's also implied that the fairies are much knowledgeable and capable of giving the best of advice as their name implied.

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