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A Wizard is a male human who studies and practices magic. Like their female counterpart witches, they use magic to perform supernatural feats.


A male capable of using and performing magic is called a wizard. Alongside witches, they have existed since time immemorial, passing on their knowledge from generation to generation. A boy born as a normal human can also become a wizard through extensive study on magic.

As with witches, wizards from early age are taught magic and will later go to magical schools to refine their skills. Those who have magical inheritance learns magic quickly while ones from normal background shows slower developments initially because they have to study from scratch. Like witches, those schooled as wizards usually take it up as their profession. By acquiring licenses in their preferred field, wizards can use their skills for different jobs like witches do.


Since they were only mentioned in the first short with one of them making a cameo appearance alongside Dorlin who bring Croix to custody, not much is known about wizards' background. But given to their similarities, it's safe to assume that their history also goes on same way with witches; both witches and wizard got their infinite magic by drawing power from Yggdrasil and its remnants Ley Lines. Yet it's unclear whether they also persecuted as much as witches do in Middle Ages, let alone the extent of influence in Golden Age of Magic or how much the decay of magic affect them. Regardless, they, along with witches, are saved from obsolescence in the light of Yggdrasil' restoration.

Powers and Equipment

As with witches, wizards can perform their magical abilities by channeling magic energy of the Ley Lines. While some spells and enchantments are simpler than others, each wizard's individual ability allows him to exploit magic to a greater or lesser extent. There are various types of magic that wizard can master, but how good they are compared to witches remained unclear. Given that witches have limitations in their powers due to magic around the world slowly weaken, wizards may also require a source of power and a tool to channel magic in order for it to be properly used. The Magic Wands are the traditional means of channeling magic through their batteries, but since wands alone can only handle a limited amount of magic energy, this prevents the magic from being used continuously. Because of that, there are objects like the Sorcerer's Stone that stores magical energy for it to be used freely.

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