The Yeti (イエティ Ieti?) is a creature that lives at the foot of the snowy mountains in Finland. Yetis are known to be excellent craftsmen.


The Yeti are tall monkey-like creatures with very long arms and white fur that covers their entire body. The Yeti Akko encountered in Finland wears blue pants, brown suspenders, and a black belt.


The Yeti is a kind creature that agrees to help Akko despite her intruding into its hut. Due to internet flaming, the Yeti lost its confidence in its smelting abilities and even fleed from Akko's criticism, but later thanks to Akko's motivational speech the Yeti regained the passion and confidence it once had.


TV Series

Pohjola's Trial

After Sucy, Lotte and Lotte's hometown become infected with the Greenman Disease, Akko sets out to gather the ingredients needed to create an antidote with one of them being a traditional medicine base made by a Yeti. Just as Akko intrudes the Yeti's hut, the Yeti returns and agrees to help her. However, after many failed attempts of recreating the ingredient, Akko's outburst upsets the Yeti who then proceeds to cry and runs away.

Worried about hurting its feelings, Akko eventually discovers the Yeti. The Yeti hands Akko its cellphone and shows her it's feeling upset because anonymous people on a social website criticize and insult the Yeti and its creations. Akko apologizes and with a motivational speech, she manages to regain the Yeti's confidence. Feeling inspired the Yeti quickly returns to its hut, where it perfectly creates the final ingredient.

Tree of Leaves

The Yeti, alongside Lotte's parents and the town residents, appears watching the battle of Akko and Diana against the missile, giving them its Fuel Spirit.


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